This pumps control unit it’s ideal for filling and emptying operations. it is designed to monitor water levels in tanks or wells in real time; control the pumps' automatic starting and stopping; provide thermal overload protection for the motor; and give the option of monitoring the system's operation remotely. With a certified IP55 protection rating, it can even be installed outdoors, and it’s perfect to upgrading obsolete pumping systems, since it can be used with pumps of other brands.

The display ensures easy use. The systems takes only 5 minutes, and 5 basic steps to be set, thanks to the wizard. This consents to quickly set: language and measure system setting; choice of operating mode; absorbed current setting; selection of control type and configuration; pump exchange mode.

Used in conjunction with DAB Virtual Cockpit and DConnect, NgPanel takes user experience to the next level, providing pump control from any location.

On a single clear, user-friendly screen, DAB Virtual Cockpit summarises all the key information to be monitored in order for the pumping system controlled with NgPanel to work at its best.

With the new DConnect portal and app, you can communicate with NgPanel even metres away from the installation — or even from the comfort of your living room — to monitor and control the system in the same way as your day-to-day interactions with the smart objects we're all familiar with.

NgPanel is equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and also has a USB port where you can connect a 4G dongle to have connectivity in areas not covered by Wi-Fi.