The Control-D starts the pump as soon as there is water demand and stops it when there is no longer any water. Via the water flow an internal contact switches the power supply is turned on / off.

Pressure and flow dependent control unit for the automatic switching on and off of portable garden pumps, 4 “well pumps and submersible pressure pumps. Equipped with cable and plug for easy mounting.

The Control-D has been developed to control 230 Volt pumps depending on the water demand, in order to provide maximum ease of use.

Control-D has two models available: restart pressure 1.5 bar or 2.2 bar.

Control-D Set can have user defined start pressure setting of either 1.5, 2 or 2.5 bar.
In addition to automatic control, the Control-D protects the pump from dry running. A pump of up to 1.5 kW in power can be connected.