Resources, Specifications, Technical Data and BIM

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DAB is working to provide a complete environment for its products in BIM – Building Information Modeling format so that they can be made available to those who create or work on a project.

The relevant data can in fact be collected, combined and digitally linked in a virtual construction (family), which can be visualised as a three-dimensional geometric model.

Designing with BIM files means to digitally represent the physical, technical and functional specifications of an object, which optimises the processes related to the realisation of a construction, from design to maintenance, up to decommissioning.

H2X Engineering

H2X improves the traditional design method of sketching layouts, measuring every drawn item, and manually calculating results using various spreadsheets.

H2X streamlines the design process with our pipe sizing software by having users simply set their parameters and draw the pipe layout.

DAB has partnered with H2X to provide engineers, consultants and designers an easy and efficient way to import DAB pumps into your project.

Get all the resources you need for the pumps relating to your project including:

Techical Data, Specification Text, CAD & BIM files, Product Information and more