Resounding, smart, reliable. Dedicated to the world of Commercial Building Services, it makes modularity and integrated communication systems
its strong points: easy-to-use technology, created to serve with maximum efficiency and security even 10-storey apartment buildings or medium-sized hotels and hospitals.


Four completely innovative solutions for waste water; four answers to your needs.


Esybox is a patented fully integrated booster pump with high performance and increased efficiency. The Esybox Line has evolved into a complete range of to include Esybox, Esybox Mini3 and the all new Esybox Max. 


An electronic pump with a low-consumption variable speed motor and hydraulics far superior to those of single-speed pumps.
ESWIM is the ideal solution for keeping down energy costs and noise.


Guarantee benefits for installers, distributors and end users, helping them to save space, energy, time and money thanks to DAB’s technical and technological expertise.


Four hydraulic solutions for the lifting and transfer of domestic, civil and industrial waste water for specialists.

DConnect is the new DAB cloud service that allows you to remotely control your installations, in real time and wherever you are. It is possible to control pressurisation and water management pumps, and heating or air conditioning circulators.