Feka FXC by DAB is a submersible pump for lifting and transferring effluent water in commercial building service. EN 12050-2 certification. Channel impeller with a 50 mm free passage equipped with an anti-lock system. Feka FXC is suitable for managing effluent water without the presence of long fibers, rainwater and ground water. Ideal for draining rooms subject to flooding when high flow rates are required. Double mechanical seal in silicon carbide completely protected in oil chamber and not in contact with the pumped liquid. Quick-connect resin-bonded cable gland. The pump is ideal for replacements thanks to its reduced dimensions and thanks to the outlet port both flanged and threaded. Easy access to the main components of the pump. Pumps available with float for automatic operation (MA) with powers up to 1,5 kW. ATEX version available for use in potentially explosive environments (ATES certifications: II2G Ex db k IIB T4 or IEC EX: Ex db IIB T4 Gb).