DTron 3 by DAB is a 7 inch submersible electronic multi-impeller pump designed for use in wells, cisterns or tanks. It can be used submerged, partially submerged or on the surface, with DOC68 (supplied separately). DTron 3 is suitable for use in residential buiding service to increase water pressure, reuse of rainwater and to water the garden or irrigate small vegetable gardens. DTron 3 integrates the electronics for automatic switching on and off. The suction height is adjustable from the bottom up to 8 cm. It is possible to connect a float without compromising the watertight of the pump thanks to the NFC (Near Field Communication) pocket. Com Box included, it allows to set the cut-in pressure and to control the alarms, it communicates with the pump through the PLC technology (PowerLine Communication), without other connection cables if not the electrical power.