7" submersible electronic multi-impeller pump designed for use in water wells, tanks or cisterns. The pump is suitable for use in residential building service for pressurisation, rainwater reuse and gardening and irrigation. It integrates the electronics for automatic switching on and off, a double mechanical seal in an oil chamber, a non-return valve and a handle for transport. Electronic operation also protects against the dry run. Built with a innovative modular design: the hydraulic part, the motor, the electrical part and the filter can be disassembled separately, simplifying the maintenance activity. The suction height is adjustable from the bottom up to 8 cm using the special accessory supplied as standard. A float can be connected without compromising the water tightness of the pump thanks to the NFC pocket. The integrated expansion vessel protect from water hammer, an additional expansion vessel is not required. The cable has a quick coupling for easier installation inside the tank/cistern. The pump is also available in X version with 1" intake and kit X which includes 1 meter suction hose and float to prevent the suction of impurities from the bottom. The whole pump is classified as IP 68. With the accessory DOC68 (supplied separately) becomes a surface pump to be used under the water level. A certified version for drinking water is available on request.