Enjoy the great outdoors with your

pump orders this summer

Terms & Conditions

The DAB Oceania summer promotion runs from 1st October 2023 through to the 31 December 2023.

Prize eligibility is only based on order placed between 01/10/23 and 31/12/23. Any orders placed outside of these dates will not be deemed eligible to contribute to the total spend during the promotional period.

Any dollar value of orders placed within the promotional period will go towards to total spend for the promotion. 

Total spend does not reset if the highest tier is reached.

Prizes will be allocated for each tier reached. So, it is possible to receive all prize tiers.

Only one prize pack per tier can be received per customer account.

The dollar value of your total spend within the promotional period much reach exactly or exeed a tier’s advertised qualifying spend to be eligible for the relevant prize pack. Discussions on the total promotional period spend not reaching or exeeding the advertised spend value for a tier’s prize pack will not be enetered into, regardless how much it may be below the required value.

The appearance of prizes pictured may vary from any products received due to colour, stock or branding issues or requirements.

DAB retains the right the refuse prize redemptions if these terms are not met.

Terms and conditions may be subject to change.

Happy camping!