Low energy consumption electronic pump for water circulation in all types of domestic heating and cooling systems. The new range of EVOSTA 3 circulators by DAB combines the strength of a mechanical circulator with the benefits of the electronic circulator. Thanks to the permanent magnet synchronous motor, the frequency converter and the energy efficiency EEI ≤ 0.19, as well as the protection class IPX5 and the integrated bleeding plug, the EVOSTA 3 family ranks as one of the best products in the category in terms of performance and reliability. The range of EVOSTA 3 circulators is the perfect replacement for old three-speed circulators due to its compact size and all-round performance. The product is also extremely user-friendly, with a single button for sequential setting and direct access to the motor shaft for unlocking it when necessary. EVOSTA 3 version has a display showing the instantaneous flow rate, the instantaneous head and the instantaneous power consumption in Watts. EVOSTA 3 version also offers the new function of automatic degassing.