4 ESYBOX MAX 85/120T 415v

Quad pump integrated pressure system capable of 480lpm @ 85m. 415v power required. System for pressurisation and boosting for commercial agriculture service. Pump ready to connect to on farm wifi. 4G/5G accesible with optional DAB RUT950. Cloud platform DAB DCONNECT. Package includes four pumps, two docking stations with a joining kit, two breaker box control panels, two mounting posts (pillar kits) and subscription until June 2025.


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Esybox Max is an integrated pumping system for water pressurisation in agriculture & irrigation, commercial building services and industrial applications. It is composed of modular elements that allow different configurations: single, double, triple or quadruple system are possible, to cover the needs of medium/large condominiums and high buildings (even over 14 floors). Each unit consists of the hydraulic connection base and the pumping unit which includes an electronic vertical multi-impeller pump, display, Wi-Fi module, pressure sensors, non-return valve on delivery and an expansion tank. The innovative support base of the pumping unit and the wireless communication between the pumps make it possible to assemble the unit directly at the installation site (O.S.A. concept) even by one person. The variable frequency drive keeps the pressure constant according to the request and also thanks to the water-cooled permanent magnet motor, it allows greater efficiency, silence and energy savings. Compatible with the DConnect service.

Product Inventory

4 x Esybox MAX 85/120T
2 x 2 Esydock MAX
2 x Control panel
2 x Pillar kit
1 x Joint kit
3 year Dconnect subscription


The Farms of the Future program will deliver on-farm connectivity solutions to rural and regional NSW. A DAB Pumps solution can help deliver the water and connectivity requirements for your project.

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